WinLogViewer Dashboard helps to navigate through Windows Event Logs
What does it do?
Windows Event Logs is a useful centralized source of information about your system’s performance, status and application events. But built-in limitations make accessing and monitoring your data a real challenge. Our system makes it easy.

WinLogViewer displays all your servers concurrently on your account dashboard. It automatically analyses events and highlights the most important. A range of smart filters weed out routine system messages and alerts users when an important event matches a set condition, for example notifying a member of your development team by email when an exception occurs in an application or sending an SMS alert to your system administrator when a piece of hardware is about to fail.

How does it work?
The core functionality is beautifully simple, but it’s powerful. All you do is install a little application, our WinLogViewer Agent, on the servers you want to monitor. It will synchronize your server event logs with our system and collate them in one place. We store your records while your account is active or for a set period defined in your account settings.

We take security very seriously, transferring data only over industry standard secured (SSL) channels. Our agent application doesn’t open any incoming connections and our servers are located in manned, highly secure data centers across the globe. If you like we’ll even let your developers check our agent app source code – we’re completely transparent. If you have any security questions, just ask.

How it works
When server goes down
When a Server Goes Down
Server failure can critically affect an entire company, leading to lost sales, missed opportunities, wasted employee time and customer dissatisfaction, damaging your brand and your bottom line. Luckily it can be prevented by monitoring of your event logs frequently. Our system reports in if a hard drive is about to run out of space or fail, alerts you when hackers are trying to break in and logs unhandled exceptions in your applications.

With WinLogViewer you don’t need to spend hours every day monitoring your servers one by one. Our is perfect for any size of business and very cost effective. When all your server data is accessible from a single place you can set up 24/7 notifications to alert you about problems, get email reports every morning and set up user or client groups to be notified about the parts of the system they’re responsible for.

Live Demo
Want to know more about how the service works and what it looks like? Check out our live demo account, which demonstrates the full functionality of the system in a safe, closed environment!
Example of an event log in WinLogViewer
Features are important. But usability is king. WinLogViewer has an impressive set of core features that we improve continually as the online landscape changes. Every subscription plan enjoys full access to all the features.
Centralized Access: Your servers are accessible in a single place from any device with a web browser.
Search: A handy tool for comprehensive search functionality across every server in your organization.
Alerts: A friend who never sleeps, the system analyses incoming log records and alerts the right users whenever records match a defined condition.
Filters: Helps users navigate smoothly through thousands of log records and highlight the most important.
Data Security: Your data transfers to and from our servers over a secured (SSL) channel. Our data servers are located in manned, secure data centers worldwide.
Users: You can create unlimited users. It’s also easy to set specific preferences for users and assign access permissions.
Problems & Solutions
Problem for system engineers: "Hard drives fail from time to time. We’d love to be able to detect issues without installing expensive extra software on our servers."

Solution: WinLogViewer analyzes log events. You can set it up to notify the right user by email or SMS if a piece of hardware starts to fail. So you stay several valuable steps ahead of disaster.

Challenge for developers: "We already take measures to prevent script injection attacks. But we really need to monitor suspicious activity on our website."

Solution: WinLogViewer lets you set up filters to ignore routine system actions and highlight suspicious ones. With alerts, you can make sure the message gets to the right staff member.

Problems and Solutions
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